Chapter Officers


Tenille Lawson


Leslie Hodge


Denise Viquez


Nicoletta Bivi

Committee Chairs

Education Committee Chairs

Royce Rajan Publicity Chair

Hannah Davis Conference Communications Chair

Callie Leuck Event Logistics Chair

Denise Viquez Promotions Chair

Member Resources Chair

Alexandra Aguilar Perez

Program Chair

Barbara Lightfoot

Publications Chair

Janelle Renschler

Archives Chair

Esther Brooks-Asplund


Elected Officers' Duties


  • Serves as chairperson of the Executive Committee and ex-officio member of all committees

  • Appoints chairpersons of standing committees, and—as authorized by the Executive Committee—of ad-hoc committees

  • Coordinates and monitors all chapter projects

  • Serves as chapter delegate to the national Fall board meeting


  • Serves as chairperson of the Nominating Committee

  • Presides at chapter general, business, and executive board meetings in the absence of the president

  • Serves as chapter delegate to the national Spring board meeting

  • Serves as a member of the Budget and Finance Committee


  • Takes minutes at all business and executive board meetings

  • In the event of nomination of an unslated candidate for elected office, issues an election ballot to the membership and receives and counts the marked ballots

  • Informs the executive director of AMWA and editors of AMWA publications about chapter activities, elections, and meetings


  • Maintains a checking account

  • With either the president or president-elect, co-signs each check

  • Keeps proper financial books, pays all bills, and makes all deposits

  • Prepares a brief report to be read at each chapter meeting on the latest receipts, expenditures, and bank balances.

  • Submits to the AMWA treasurer by August 1 a formal Chapter Financial Statement (listing income and expenses of the past year) and a Chapter Budget (proposing income and expenses of the forthcoming year)

  • Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee

Committees' Duties

Budget and Finance Committee

  • Submits to the executive committee for approval a budget and financial statement

Member Resources Committee

  • Plans and implements efforts to recruit and retain members and encourage participation in the chapter

  • Maintains a directory of chapter members

  • Receives periodic chapter membership updates from AMWA staff

  • Maintains an email distribution list and uses it to distribute chapter communications on behalf of officers/committees

 Education Committee

  • Plans and implements educational activities, including an annual chapter conference, with input from the executive committee

  • Solicits membership preferences for conference activities

  • Broadcasts conference activities

 Program Committee

  • Plans and implements educational and networking events other than the chapter conference, with input from the executive committee

  • Solicits membership preferences for events

  • Broadcasts chapter events

 Publications Committee

  • Prepares a newsletter for chapter members, asking chapter members to contribute and/or review articles where appropriate

 Communications, Marketing & Social Media Committee

  • Interviews speakers and writes articles about educational sessions

  • Presents educational sessions

  • Engages members and/or potential members on LinkedIn and Twitter

  • Promotes and manages annual conference Twitter hashtag contest

  • Designs and analyzes conference surveys


Chapter bylaws

Chapter handbook

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